Hand Painted Icons by Studio Sanctus

While White Horse Wares does not directly sell hand painted icons, if you would like to commission any, we recommend contacting Fr. Justin from Studio Sanctus. We have commissioned icons from Fr. Justin before and have been very happy with the result.

Below is a short word from Fr. Justin.

Father Justin Painting Handmade Icons

As a priest and iconographer I have dedicated my life to the service of and search for God, as made manifest through Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

Through prayer and worship and sacrifice I believe God has given us the surest and most natural way to commune with Him, and my work is a part of this worship. The icon is one of mankind’s most primal and intuitive ways to communicate the divine, and in every generation and every place the image of God has never ceased to be adored in all its forms. And so the tradition goes on.

Only natural products go into my work, maintaining the high standards of the masters. I have begun to particularly specialize in wax “encaustic” medium – one of the most ancient, durable, and difficult mediums to work in. What I produce is a high quality work of art, not only made to be admired for its own beauty, but to be used as an object of liturgical worship.

My main sphere of work is portable icons, however, fresco, secco, and canvas painting are also possible on request. I accept commissions from all over the world and will be happy to ensure secure shipping.

If you would like to commission an icon please get in touch or visit my site via the information below.

Phone: +44 (0) 755 795 1934


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